Light Grids

Are you ready to uplevel your life? 

Exponentially increase your business within 6 months? 

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100% of my clients have exponentially increased their business within 6 months of commissioning a 144 Grid.  Are you ready?

While we are constantly creating with light and energy, a light grid helps us sustain our intention throughout the field. It’s akin to creating a light matrix or blueprint for what we would like to manifest in our lives.

I create 7×7 (49 squares) and 12×12 (144 squares) grids. The 7×7 Manifestation Grids help individuals resolve a specific issue or take a next step. The 12×12 God Grids help ground new ideas, projects, partnerships or take things to the next level. I often use the 12×12 Grids for archetypal and planetary healing. While no one can determine exactly how long the effects of a grid will last, 7x7s usually work for a year and 12x12s create 7-year foundations. 

When I was working with Ammaku, a crystal skull, she told me that these grids help create new realities and worlds, even outside of our beloved Gaia. How cool is that!

Indigenous and contemporary peoples all around this planet have worked with light, and my particular lineage traces back to Starr Fuentes who has worked with curanderos in Mexico.

When I work on the light grids, I connect with guides and your intention. I use combinations of Platonic solids, colors, solar rays, moonbeams, and plant energies.

You can feel the effects by running your hands along the grid (2 columns at a time): Go left to right with your right hand to feel the grid. To set the grid in your space, go right to left with your left hand.

Businesses and Organizations

If you are starting a new business or upscaling an existing business (organization), a light grid can help clarify the intention and energy of your business. A light grid helps bring a multiplicity of ideas (energies) into a cohesive, integrative form. A light grid is almost guaranteed to bring in new opportunities (clients, investors, employees, and professional growth). Every businessperson who has gotten a light grid has increased their revenue within 3 to 6 months of getting a light grid. This grid can be used for any organization, including sole-proprietors and non-profits. Stakeholders of the organization can use the light-grid to be on the same page (frequency) and create together in a strong container.

Merger or Partnership: A merger or new partnership can take different forms. Stakeholders bring different strengths and ideas to a venture. A light grid, especially when created together, can help clarify intention, roles, contributions, branding, and strategy.

Some clients include: University of Chicago graduates, University of Notre Dame MBA graduate, corporate lawyer, multimillion dollar essential services company, holistic health care providers.


God/Life Purpose Grid: An individual God or Life Purpose grid is an energetic tool for aligning to your higher, divine-led purpose. This grid addresses all areas of your life: relationship to self, relationship to community, income, superpowers or gifts, offering to the world, and more. When working with clients, I have found this grid helps create a cohesive energetic field for what you can next co-create with the Divine. It helps bring opportunities, people, and ideas into your life. Each grid is extremely unique, and calls in different opportunities for growth. Changes can include a move, remodeling, new relationship, new career or mission, and enhanced opportunities for becoming and realizing who you already are. I have found this grid can help uncover hidden gifts and potentize your next evolutionary cycle.



Romantic Partnership (Marriage): A romantic partnership or marriage is an opportunity for people to come together to create something bigger and greater than themselves. They are creating a sacred container for each other and their relationship. In a relationship, each individual brings their own needs, strengths, ideas, contributions, and wounds. Working with the people and their guides can help create a cohesive foundation to ensure the highest growth and care in a partnership. This can be given as a gift. I recommend a 49-grid for weddings and 144-grid for the partnership.

Babies and Family Planning: Within ancient India, and even now, conscious couples chose when and how to conceive to bring a certain individual in the world. If you are choosing to consciously co-create a child, consider a light grid that supports the conception and pregnancy process. The light grid will act as an anchor for the child. The light grid may include personality gifts, contributions from Spirit and physical community, and resources parents may have been unaware of. If you are seeking a child be born during a certain astrological time period, the light grid can also support this process.



New Home or Renovation: A home is an energetic container for rejuvenation, play, creation, and nourishment. A light grid can set a sustained intention for your new home. The light grid can help you attract the right real estate agent, property, and/or interior designer for your home. If you are working with a real estate agent or interior designer, running the light grid before meetings (or with them) can help clarify location, materials, color schemes, necessities, and some information that may have been missed.

You can buy pre-made grids in the Store. If you choose to have a personalized grid, buy it in the Store and set up a Light Grid Consultation call (15-30 minutes depending on the type).   Are you ready for a major shift in your life?  Set up a free consultation if you have any questions.  I’d be happy to help you uplevel your life!

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