Prachi Healing

My name is Prachi Murarka, and I am a change agent of healing.

I help adults, children, and animals live happy, healthy and inspiring lives through touch therapies and personal consultations.

As a child, I would spend hours tinkering with art and science experiments in my room. Innate curiosity sparked me to have three science fair experiments in fifth grade! How does the world work and how can I make it even better? Years later, I found the answer: from the inside out.

I’m now a bi-national globe trotter, who spends her time between India and the United States. One day, I hope to write a book called the Indian from Indiana, as most people still get confused where I’m from (both is the answer). My favorite food is kitcheri. I enjoy watching the geometric patterns on the sand when the tides go back, and spend a bit of my time forest bathing.


“I live in an Ashram in India. I am 68 years old and have rheumatoid arthritis. The medicine for RA lowers the immune system and so I began getting all kinds of Indian infections, which at my age isn’t a good thing. So I had to quit taking the medicines for RA. My joints became so painful that it has affected my mobility and ability to bathe thoroughly without help. Dear Prachi offered to help and I am so glad she did. Her touch has an immediate effect. The body just completely relaxed wherever her hands were. Having the treatment was a wonderful experience. I only had a few treatments but my feet, ankles, knees, hips and elbows work better. I can walk further and more briskly than before. Everything just works better. I hope she comes to India again so I can benefit even more. Prachi has a wonderful gift and I’m grateful she is happy to share it.  ” Wendy Ward, 68 Years Old

Ways to Work With Me


You may have seen Dr. Dolittle, and wondered, “Is that possible?” I am sure you’ve had times when you knew your animal was talking to you, but what were they saying?  Your search has NOW come to a beginning.  More… 


The bars can help you feel physically more alive and clear up ailments that have been nagging you for years. The body processes boost your immunity, re-integrate your nervous system, and heal cellular trauma, stemming even from the womb.  More… 

8-limb YOGA

Asana is just one of the limbs of the yogic 8-fold path.  The session is unique as you, and always includes a focus on breath, connecting with the body. Yoga therapy, mantra, meditation, chanting, and self-reflection are customized per individual. More… 


Adults and children can work with me to transform their lives. Individual and group Waldorf education workshops, plant and animal connection, art, and self-transformation retreats are the beginning of my offerings.  Curious?  Find out More… 

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