Bach Flower Remedies

The 38 Bach Flower Remedies were “discovered” by Dr. Bach in the early 1900s. They help release emotional blocks, open up psychic centers, and create emotional and mental resilience. The famous 5 Flower Remedy (Rescue Remedy ™) is used to combat both chronic and acute stress. Flower Remedies are safe and can be used in combination with herbs, homeopathy, and allopathic meditations. They are great for adults (including pregnant women or people transitioning), children, and pets.

Flowers have archetypal properties that can be healing or stimulate new aspects of the self for individuals.

I usually create personalized essences on the New Moon or Full Moon with Pristina crystalline water,

brandy, and the essences from the Flower Essence Society.  I provide either one 1 oz bottle or two 0.5 oz bottles as a starter. Since flower essences work on the subtle body, I suggest following up with another consultation after the bottle is finished or use tapers off.

While my personal recommendation is to take 4 drops underneath your tongue, you can also place 4 drops in water and sip throughout the day, put 4 drops on an item of clothing, on your pillow or handkerchief. Flower essences are vibrational in nature, and once in your field, they will have a healing effect.

To increase self-reflection while working with these flower essences, I recommend working with a counselor, journaling, and artistic activity such as painting, drawing, dancing, and improvisation. 

Ask me about 3 and 6-month package plans!

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