Animal Communication

You may have seen Dr. Dolittle, and wondered, “Is that possible?” I am sure you’ve had times when you knew your animal was talking to you, but what were they saying?

Your search has come to a beginning. Prachi Murarka works with clients to understand their animal’s messages, so you can have a healthier and easier relationship with your pet. Her session includes communication, or talking with your pet via written questions, Skype, or phone, and helping you communicate too! We’re all Animal Whisperers, and sometimes, we just need a bit of support. Prachi can help you with your animal’s dietary needs, attachment challenges, sickness, and social life. Her work has helped identify liver disease, food preferences, and work to end litterbox box problems. 

From a Dog: “I like looking at birds and noticing what different sounds they are making.  We have a lot of conversations and I enjoy getting to hear them.  There’s also some underground friends like moles.  They tell me things.  I was told when the earthquake was coming too.  I really like my underground friends.”

From a City Cat: “I kind of do wish I had more opportunities to chase mice.  There aren’t many creatures in this building, so mostly I communicate with my nephews and several cats down the street.  I see some of them when I go out for walks.  You can let me out during the evening and early morning times.  There’s a lot of interesting things happening outside and I’d like to be more involved in the social events of the neighborhood.”

From a Dog: “I like smelling [you humans’] shoes.  It tells me a lot about the person who wore them.  I sense through my mouth.” 

From a Cat: “You’re a natural and gifted healer.  Many of the whales are going to start talking to you too.”  Indeed, they did.

Prachi has trained with Earthwise India and continues her education with the Gurney Institute. 

For a consultation, please email the name and picture or your animal with 5 questions to prachihealing (@)  I will respond to you via email.  NEW SPECIAL: 5 QUESTION CONSULTATION, 30 MIN FOLLOW-UP PHONE CALL, AND A FLOWER REMEDY FOR $108

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