8-Limb Yoga

I have been studying Vedanta and Hindu philosophy since I was a wee child. School prompted me to ask questions such as, “What is unconditional love?” and “How does yoga philosophy apply to me (an Indian American child)?” Caught up in day to day affairs, I came back to yoga in college. Severe PTSD prompted me to return to my roots and re-start the healing practice of yoga. Deeply immersed in the practice helped change my psychology, body, and established a feeling of safety in the world.

Learning never stops…I continued my studies with Yoga Therapy training, Ayurveda classes, a Naturopathy Practitioner’s Certificate, and living in ashrams in India.

What is your inner truth and calling? Whether it’s physical, psychological, or psychosomatic challenges, we can work together so you can live a happier, healthier, more wholesome life.

Asana is just one of the limbs of the yogic 8-fold path. Every session is unique as you, and always includes a focus on breath, connecting with the body. We add in mantra, meditation, chanting, and self-reflection as per your requirements.

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